4 Landscaping Trends to Revamp Your Garden This Summer

June 22, 2020/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

If you’ve been planning to redecorate your garden, 2020 is the year to start setting those plans into motion. This summer, we’ll be spending most time at home, so it’s the perfect time to start a little landscaping project to turn your garden into a little corner of nature heaven.

Gardening is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but this does not mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on the trends and make your backyard look both modern and welcoming. To help you out, below are 4 of our favorite landscaping trends for summer 2020.

Surround the seating area with a vertical garden

Seating areas are an absolute must in any garden. How else are you going to enjoy your project once it’s done, if not with a glass of lemonade and a good book, lounging on your garden sofa? To make the ground even, you can use microsement and create an island anywhere in the backyard.

The little cement island can be surrounded by planter walls, which you can fill with lots of potted plants and greenery. This will make the entire seating area look like a hut made out of plants, just as in the Amazonian forest.  


Geometric designs are everywhere

Inspired by interior design patterns, geometric design will be everywhere in the outdoors this year. You can easily integrate this trend into your garden by using heller to pave the patio or seating areas. If you own a pool, you can use geometric pavement around it, to create a lounging space with sunbeds or lounging chairs.

Waves, basketweave designs, textured materials, and even porcelain tiles are a favorite of homeowners this year, and so are chevron patterns, so don’t hesitate to experiment and play around with shapes and colors.


Smart and sustainable gardening

What would be the point of having a garden if you don’t actually grow some plants in there? Gardening does not have to be difficult, especially since we have all the technology to make it simple. Smart gardening means consciously choosing the right type of plants that complement each other and using those plants for functionality instead of just for the way they look. Vines, for example, can have cooling effects, especially is they are planted around seating areas.

When it comes to watering, smart irrigation systems are your safest bet. They make grooming and watering a large garden easier and, if you install some kantstein as well, you ensure that the water remains on the ground and does not come flowing over your pavement.


50 shades of blue

We couldn’t have a top trends list without mentioning what designers believe to be the color of the year 2020 – blue. Blue may not seem like the go-to color when it comes to exterior design, but just imagine how it will be to have your garden match the sky every time. You can add blue elements by choosing throw pillows, décor elements, and even plants with blue flowers.

Blue represents peacefulness and calm, so what better color to use in your little oasis?