Bedroom decorating ideas for little girls

January 4, 2018/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

When it comes to decorating your daughter’s room, you have to be as creative as you can. Moreover, try to think out of the box by envisioning a room full of colours and happiness, because that is the type of room that little girls usually desire.

As colourful as it can be

Even though pink is the most used colour when it comes to little girls’ bedroom, you do not have to use this colour if your daughter is not so fond of it. A room can look girly enough with other colours too. For example, if you are painting the walls in a bold colour and also use strong colours for the bedding and the rug, then pick the furniture in a more neutral colour, such as white. Moreover, white furniture suits all stages of childhood, so you will not have to change the furniture every two years. Beddings, rugs, paintings, and decorations can easily be changed over time.


Add a personal touch by using wall stickers

When it comes to being original, wall stickers are the way to go. Stickers such as woodland animals, mermaids, hearts, daisy flowers, unicorns, and butterflies can make a room stand out more. Also, you can apply your daughter’s favourite poem, a personalised name wall sticker or an inspirational quote. The most important thing is to use colours that contrast with the wall.


A study area is a necessary thing to have

A study space is something essential to have in a bedroom, because your daughter will be better able to focus on her work. Choose a desk with enough space on top, a clock, a desk lamp, and supplies such as pens, pencils, ink eraser and so on. If you want your daughter not to lose the supplies, try and kept them in a box, basket, or bin.


Have fun together making DIY items for her room

If you choose to apply a wall sticker with woodland animals, paint a wooden branch and hang the curtains on it. It will go hand in hand with the wall sticker. Also, you can use lace ribbon in order to make your little girl a lace princess crown, which she will for sure wear almost every day. Or you can buy some fake plants and wrap their pots up in lace trim. Moreover, lace can also be used for making lovely dreamcatchers that will bring your daughter a good slumber.