Best Types of Heaters for Winter Days

September 16, 2015/ Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

We all love winter due to various reasons, but when it comes to the low temperatures, most of us can’t actually wait for the spring to come. Fortunately, nowadays there are many models of heaters that can warm up your home, allowing you this way to feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter how low are the outdoor temperatures. Take a look at the following best types of heaters for winter days in order to choose one that will meet your needs.

Infrared heaters

These days, infrared heaters are considered some of the best types of heaters for winter days, due to the fact that they can efficiently warm up small, medium, and even large rooms. Far infrared is actually radiant heat, which is similar to the feeling of warmth that comes from the sun. Believe it or not, it is similar to the heat emitted by your own body. Infrared heaters actually warm up an object and not the air. A great product of this type that can be found on the market is iLIVING infrared portable space heater with dual heating system. The device features a Dual Heat System that can actually put out twice more hot air than any other model. You will not be disturbed at all, while this unit operates, due to the fact that it operates quietly. It also features tip-over and overheat protection systems, that make it safe to use around children and pets as well. Another fantastic feature of this device is the Auto Energy Saving Mode, that once it is set it will save energy. This type of heater is one of the best ones due to 2 reasons, it can provide you the desired warmth within minutes and it will actually do this by consuming very little energy.

Electric heaters

Another category of great heaters that can be easily and efficiently used during winter, are the electric heaters, which are actually very popular nowadays. Dyson AM05 is one of the best portable electric heaters that comes with many convenience and safety features, in order to satisfy even a demanding consumer. The device features a cool-touch exterior that will allow you to use it safely around kids and pets as well. Dyson AM05 will do a wonderful job in the winter, and it will provide a pleasant warmth that will certainly make you relax and feel comfortable as well. Due to the intelligent thermostat, you will easily be able to set and maintain the desired temperature. The unit will automatically turn itself off when it reaches the desired temperature level, which is without a doubt a feature that will provide you safety. All in all, with AM05, you will not worry about being cold in your home anymore.