DIY Christmas Garden Decor Ideas

December 1, 2015/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Christmas time is one of the most beautiful moments of the year. Everybody loves decorating the houses and gardens because this brings joy and warmth into their homes.When winter holidays are approaching, you need to create some beautiful decorations for your home and also for your garden . You can create a variety of decorations using different materials such as paper, canvas, wood elements, or buttons, bells, shiny stars etc. With some DIY Christmas garden decor ideas you can create amazing things for your yard.

DIY Snowman

If you want something special in your yard, try to create a plastic cups snowman. It’s an easy project and it will become a focal point in your garden. All you need is a stapler or a hot glue gun, a lot of staples and around 200 plastic cups. The first step is to attach the cups to each other using the glue gun or the stapler until you will get a circle. After you decide the size of the snowman, you can start to make the other circles. Place the new circles on top of the previous ones using the stapler. Your snowman should have two parts: the body and the head.After you finish with the body, make the same thing for the head. Make sure that its head will be smaller. The last step is the decoration. You can make some pom poms for the eyes and buttons, and for the nose and mouth, you should use colored paper. Decorate it with a nice scarf and a bonnet. If you are thinking about creating a lightning snowman, you can install a lamp inside it.

Lighted Grapevine Balls

If you are thinking about lighting your yard using something different, then the lighted grapevine balls are the best solution. You can create this simple decoration by just using some grapevine, a beach ball, plenty of wires and a set of twinkle lights. For an amazing design, it’s recommended to have different sized balls. Firstly, you need to wrap the grapevine around the ball. If you have small pieces of grapevine you can use some wire to tie it. After your grapevine ball is ready deflate the beach ball and get it out of the grapevine ball. Finally, you can wrap the twinkle lights on the grapevine ball and tie them with wire. Do the same thing for the other balls and you will have some interesting decorations into your garden.

Make a wreath

It’s very beautiful and simple to create a Christmas wreath for your home. You will need just two hangers, long branches of greenery, some wire, a hot glue gun and plenty of decoration items. You should wrap the branches a few times around the hangers and tie them with wire. After you have a perfect wreath you can start to decorate it with colorful bows or flowers. Make sure you secure the decorations with the glue gun.