Essential Equipment You Need for a Home Gym

May 17, 2016/ Design/ 0 comments

Even the smallest space in your house can become a home gym if you know which equipment to choose. In order to avoid investing in useless items or missing buying a very important machine, check out the list of fitness equipment we made and discover which are the items you need to have in your home gym.


When you design your home gym, don’t forget about the useful treadmill because it can offer you great fitness opportunities and can replace many other items that cost more and are more cumbersome to use. Running on the treadmill is a form of cardio exercise that improves your health in many ways and increases your sports endurance. It can be used by the entire family, even the elders because it’s very safe and practical. Opt for a folding treadmill so you can store it away when you are not using it.

Elliptical bike

A great item for a home gym is the elliptical bike that helps you train your lower body area and the upper body as well and helps you not only strengthen your muscles but also increase your endurance. Combine the benefits of running with the functionality of cycling and enjoy a high-performance workout.

Rowing machine

A well-equipped home gym must include a rowing machine because it’s another great item that provides cardio training. It mimics the movements of rowing a boat on water which means it’s very comfortable to use, although, the resistance it offers with every stroke puts your muscles to work. Rowing machines are suitable for both men and women and folding units can be stored upright to save space.

Dumbbells and kettlebells

These items offer endless fitness opportunities and can be used by themselves or combined with other fitness equipment. Use them to train your entire body in various exercises and you will be amazed by their versatility and efficiency.

Medicine ball

Another essential item for a home gym is the medicine ball that can also provide a wide range of exercises packed with plenty of health benefits. You can throw it, carry it, lay on it, you can combine it in many ways and you will get great results in toning your body while using it.

Body fat analyzer

In order to maximize the efficiency of your home gym and get the desired results in sculpting your body, include a body fat analyzer on your essential equipment list. This gadget will help you determine your body’s muscle and fat mass and will show you your weight loss progress.