Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Coffee Maker

December 12, 2015/ Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

Choosing the right coffee maker is not easy if you think about all the models available on the market. Since enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning is essential for some people who can’t start the day without this magical beverage, we thought we would simplify things a bit and help everyone find the right coffee maker. Below you will find everything you need to know when looking for a coffee maker.

Design details

The first thing you look at when buying a coffee maker is the design so you can be sure it will match your kitchen design or fit on a counter. Choose the model you like most depending on the kitchen design and the other appliances if you want to maintain the same pattern. Also, make sure the coffee maker will fit where you want to place it and that adding water or removing the carafe is not an issue due to limited space. Details like a transparent water tank or the carafe material are also important when choosing the right coffee maker model.

The brewing method

Nowadays, you can choose from various brewing methods and the choice is all up to you. First, there is the automatic drip coffee maker that runs hot water through ground coffee to deliver multiple cups of coffee. Then, you have the single-serve brewers that use pods or cups filled with various types of coffee or tea that you place in the unit and water runs through them to release the flavor. There is also the more affordable French press that uses ground coffee and hot water for a traditional brewing method and, last but not least, the espresso machine that uses either ground coffee or beans to deliver delicious coffee specialties using water at high pressure.

How many coffees it can make

This is an aspect that will influence the utility of the coffee maker and it depends strictly on your needs. If you have a large family and you all drink coffee in the morning, avoid buying a coffee maker that makes one coffee at a time. Single-cup units are great for couples who enjoy coffee specialties and will seem cumbersome for large families.

Can it be programmed?

If you hardly wake up in the morning and the last thing you want to do is add coffee and water to your coffee maker, choose one that can be programmed to start at a certain point. The programmable timer allows you to choose the time when you need your coffee to be ready and the unit will make sure you come into the kitchen to a fresh cup of coffee.

Does it keep the coffee warm?

This is a convenience method that most people like to have because it ensures that their coffee will be at the right temperature even if they will enjoy it later. However, a coffee maker with a heated plate could make the coffee taste bad if it gets too hot so it’s best to opt for a model with a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee warm.