Home sellers’ guide: interior decorating do’s and don’ts

May 18, 2018/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Every person out there should have and consult two important lists during a home sale process: the “to do” list and the “not to do” list. The first should include pieces of advice like hiring a professional and reliable real estate agent, taking into account his tips when marketing your property, establishing a competitive price, featuring color photos of both the inside and outside of your home, fully understanding the selling process and maintaining a realistic or objective perspective, adopting the right behavior when dealing with potential buyers. The second list should involve common mistakes like ignoring offers that do not meet your initial expectations, assuming that your real estate agent spends his entire time working in order to find more buyers for your property, directing your attention towards the agent that helped you purchase the same house that you are trying to sell now, agreeing on every single word that he tells you and not making the necessary improvements before putting the house up for sale.

Interior decorating don’ts that home sellers should avoid

Having such useful lists can facilitate the selling process significantly, but there is one more important list that we did not mention – the one including interior decorating do’s and don’ts. You should be aware that all buyers, even those stating online “we buy houses Katy” pay close attention to the functionality, cleanliness and style of your home. More specifically, if you want to have the certainty that your interior design will captivate prospective buyers and make them come up with a better offer, then you should stay away from eclectic decorations or personalized items. Some of the most common deal breakers refer to kitschy wallpapers, intricate tiles, too much color or texture, an abundance of statement elements. Imagine the following scenario: you enter a home and you immediately notice a wallpaper with animal print or tropical theme. Do you still have the same opinion regarding the purchase of the house? It will probably kill the entire mood. The same principle applies to bold-patterned tiles. Nobody wants to enter the bathroom for a relaxing shower or a hot bath in order to stare constantly at the floor.

Interior decorating do’s that will captivate any buyer

After covering the interior decorating mistakes that you have to avoid at all costs, you are probably wondering about the secrets that will captivate the interest of any buyer out there, in a good way. Well, since no two people are alike or have the same tastes, you should keep it as simple as possible, but still add a few accents or create contrast in order to avoid a boring feel. As we all know, the first impression matters significantly. This means that even from the entrance, you have to create a stylish welcome by adding a memorable element. For instance, a potted plant brings freshness and light. A mirror makes the space look larger. Updating the light fixtures also represents a smart move. When it comes to colors, opt for an earthy palette and try to achieve a polished look.