How to downsize your home without actually moving

October 15, 2018/ Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

Downsizing your home makes sense. And do you know why? Because you don’t need all that extra space. Living in an oversized house isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. You have to run from one place to the other, not to mention the upkeep that it requires. You need to acknowledge that smaller might be better. If you’re not willing to trade your property for a smaller one, then you’ll be happy to hear it’s possible to downsize without moving. If you’ve been dreaming about living the downsized life, then keep on reading to find out what you can do.

Remove all the unnecessary items from the home

Ideally, you would like to hold onto your beloved possessions forever. This isn’t possible. You’ve used up all the space in your home and the result is that there is no more room.  You need to reduce the number of possessions that you’ve accumulated over the years. Don’t panic. You’re letting go of the attachment, not the things. After you clean everything properly, you can store the items in a storage unit. Regular individuals like yourself can greatly benefit from storage units Queens. You can securely store your valuable belongings in one of the many storage units and access it whenever you want. Getting back on topic, devise a plan and go through the possessions. Make the necessary decisions and find homes for the items that you’re not planning to keep.

Clear furniture

You don’t even realize how much space furniture takes up. It’s enough to look into every room of the property to understand that it doesn’t feel right. If you’re kids are going away to college, take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of some pieces of furniture. Clearing away the furniture will help you gain valuable space, in addition to the fact that it will make the home more pleasing from an aesthetical standpoint. Examples of pieces of furniture that you can do without include end tables, TV stands, and filing cabinets. But what will you do with all the knickknacks and treasures? You’re bound to come up with something. If you put your mind to it, you’ll certainly find a solution.

Change the function of a room

Constant transformation has become the new normal. The universe is providing you the chance to make a difference and you’re completely ignoring it. If you don’t need too many bedrooms in the house, transform one of them into an office. Changing the function and feel of a room is as simple as ABC. You simply determine what the area will be used for, delete what doesn’t work, and accommodate furnishings. It’s possible to reconfigure any room in the home, including the main living area. You no longer have to worry about complaints from family members. You’re all alone. Well, almost. There is your spouse too and they have to be okay with the idea.

Don’t rush to put your property up for sale. You can downsize without actually moving. Now, you know how it’s done.