How to keep your kids busy while you renovate your house

December 12, 2016/ Family/ 0 comments


The process of renovating the house is definitely a challenging and stressful one, especially if you have children around, because you have to keep an eye on them while you also do your work. If you have no other option but to keep them close to you during the renovating process, you may want to learn about some great tips on how to keep them occupied and one very good example is to give them a metal detector you have read about on sites such as, but here are more details about this subject.

Give them a metal detector

Although it may seem too simple and too good to be true, giving your kids a metal detector just to keep them occupied for several hours in a row actually works! It is commonly known that the very next moment you say words such as “treasure hunt” to children they instantly get excited and want to begin it as soon as possible. Well, with a metal detector you can actually do this and you can have those hours of focus and concentration when you can do your best to finish the work you have to do. Choosing the right metal detector may not be as easy as it seems though, since you should be looking for a device that is specifically designed for children, since these ones are lighter in terms of weight and easier to use. It is also recommended to read some reliable and detailed reviews on specialized websites in order to know exactly what gadget to choose best. Once you place that metal detector in the hands of your kids, it is for sure that it will keep them occupied for several hours.

Ask them to create decorations

Another great method you can opt for in order to ensure your kids are not going to bother you for the following hours is to propose them to look around the house and find objects they can use further on as decorating items. You can even tell them these decorations are going to be used for their new tree house you are going to start working on once you finish renovating the house. It is for sure that they will love the idea and will start running around the house in the search of the most amazing and unique decorating items. Glass bottles for instance can definitely be used as decorations, especially if they are painted over with some interesting colours or in various patterns.

Take them to the local swimming pool

Children love water and once they enter a swimming pool, it is nearly impossible to make them get out of it in the following hours. As a result, one very good way you can liberate yourself from taking care of them while you renovate the house is to take them to the closest swimming pool club and to leave them there. However, if you do so, ensure there is at least one adult you know that can keep an eye on them in order to avoid any unfortunate hazards from happening.