How to plan a small intimate wedding reception at home?

December 29, 2020/ Family/ 0 comments

 Are you planning a small intimate wedding reception on your big day? Not sure where to start planning everything for a perfect reception? Keep reading below to find out our tips! 

Not everybody likes a lot of fuss on their wedding day. Some people prefer a small and intimate gathering with their loved ones to celebrate their love, and the moment they unite their futures. If that’s your idea of a wedding reception as well, we have gathered a few tips to help you plan the perfect small wedding reception at home. 

Hire a catering company

The last thing anyone would like to do on their wedding day is cooking, setting tables, and serving food to their guests. Your wedding day should be the day when you relax and have fun, not the day when you need to make sure that all your guests are well served. So, no need to stress about setting the table and serving food and beverages to your guests. You can hire a catering company to take care of it so that you and your guests can dance, take pictures, and have fun. 

Plan the guest list carefully

While this one may seem obvious since your goal is to have a small and intimate wedding reception, it can be really challenging in practice. First, no matter what others say or do, keep in mind that it’s ok not to invite everyone to your wedding. 

When creating the guest list, think about all the people you really, really want to have next to you for this celebration. Sure, it can be difficult to tell some people that they won’t be invited to your wedding. Yet, it’s your special day, and you get to decide that you want only your closest people to be part of it. 

Hire a professional photographer

Just because you are having a small intimate wedding reception at home, it doesn’t mean that your wedding photos shouldn’t be memorable. A fotograf rena will make sure to catch the most memorable moments of your wedding reception. A professional fotograf elverum will also help you learn how to sit in your group or couple’s pictures to get the best digital memories of your wedding reception. 

Keep in mind to look for a fotograf you are comfortable with and someone who will blend perfectly in your small intimate wedding reception party. 

Decorate the place

To get your guests into the festive atmosphere, you should spend some time to decorate your home to make it look more like a wedding venue. Depending on your wedding’s theme, if you have one, choose decorations that work with it. For example, if your wedding theme is Lavender, decorate the tables with lavender flowers and choose decorations in this color. 

If you don’t have a specific wedding theme, you can use balloons or flowers to decorate the place. 

Make a playlist or hire a DJ

There’s no party without music. So, create a diverse playlist containing songs everybody likes and dance on or hire a DJ to take care of it.