Including heating systems in a great home design plan

August 10, 2017/ Family/ 0 comments

Merging the design of a home with efficiency seems impossible without the help of a specialist. Well, you should know that if you read enough about this topic and gather all you need, nothing is impossible. Having both a superb design and enough warmth to get through winter can be done if you know how to combine two paramount factors. If you’d like to know more about heating systems try to read more here. Until then, here is a list with the most frequently used heating systems and how to make them look good with your home design:


  • Open fireplaces

This is the most common type of fireplace. Open fireplaces are usually placed in the living room but the main disadvantage of it is that the heat is spread unevenly which will cause problems. Not having open doors or open spaces between the living room and the dorms or having a house with more than one floor will actually represent a problem. You will feel the heat in all the ways possible with this type of fireplace, but the looks of it is amazing. They create an atmosphere you will become addicted to. What else is ideal than spending a cold afternoon in front of an open fireplace?

  • Enclosed fireplaces

This type of fireplace is actually a bit more appropriate. Keeping the ambiance of an open fireplace but without the need to hear and smell the wood crackling, an enclosed fireplace adds a large, heat-resistant glass panel in front of the burning fire. This will result in a slower, but more resistant heating of the space. You’ll still get the comfortable feeling of having fire at a glance.

  • Inserted fireplaces

This type of fireplace is the most design-friendly one, being enclosed in the wall. This means you won’t lose any kind of space. It works as an enclosed fireplace which is also pushed into the wall to seem completely flat on the outside.


You will also be able to choose the fuel of the fireplace. Each of the types listed below are efficient and they suit certain needs. Depending on your situation, make your selection wisely. All of the mentioned fireplaces can be successfully included in a house design:

  1. Wood burning
  2. Gas burning
  3. Ethanol burning
  4. Electric

Materials and colours

When caring too much about the design of your home even the tiniest details like materials used and colours matter. If your living room strictly requires a certain type of nuance, you won’t be able to choose a fireplace that stands out too loudly. There are certain types of heating systems that can suit each and every situation you may be facing. You can find them in a great variety of patterns, materials and colours going from cheap ones to expensive, luxurious ones. It all depends on your specific needs and how much you are willing to spend to heat your house beautifully (in both ways).