Interior design rules you should respect when redecorating a house

July 16, 2018/ Design/ 0 comments

Interior styling is a complex topic for people who never tried to redecorate a house on their own. There are certain rules to respect and mistakes to avoid in order to obtain the expected results. Even though you might consider that putting together some furniture and choosing a pre-set color palette will do that job, the situation is different when you want to transform the respective house into an actual home.

First of all, you have to put your personality into it. Without stating your preferences and adding a personal touch to the design, the house you are redecorating will never feel like home. Don’t make changes just for the sake of making the house look more modern or more pleasurable for others. Make it a place where you are the one who feel comfortable when spending time here. Secondly, if you click here you will learn more about a company that deals with repainting your walls. The color of the walls can bring plenty of differences to the way your house looks. Here are the rules you should follow if you want to get the best out of your home space:

You no longer have to match everything

The rule of matching all the decoration items and furniture items you put in a room is no longer relevant. The recent trends in terms of interior design no longer require that items should match. You can combine all sorts of styles in order to obtain the one effect you desire. A personal ambiance can only be created if you put together the items that you think would suit the room. Don’t worry about the style they are a part of.

Combining traditional items with modern ones is a technique that’s highly appreciated nowadays. Even though this rule no longer applies, make sure that the room’s design has some sort of fluency. If you hired some professional interior painters and they opted for a more special color palette, don’t try to match it perfectly to your furniture. You can use accent colors and similar nuances to make the whole room look good.

Don’t group items in even numbers

Grouping items in even numbers will never look good. Try not to ignore the rule of thirds and always group the items you want to include in the room in small groups of three. When you have more than three items that you have to group, always opt for uneven numbers. This will make the room look better and it won’t attract the eyes in an unpleasant manner. Keep this rule in mind at all times.

Don’t over-accessorize

Over-accessorizing is not acceptable in any case. You have to make sure that the room that you are currently redecorating is suitable for living. If you transform the space in a crowded one you won’t even be able to live in it. Keep everything simple and only use deco items when you feel like they are required. If the room looks good without adding any other items, leave it that way.