IoT and home automation: Here’s how to modernize your home

March 23, 2020/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Once a futuristic dream, home automation is slowly but steadily becoming an everyday reality for most of us. In fact, the global market for smart home automation is predicted to reach $40 billion this year. This isn’t a surprise considering the fact that technology surrounds us at every step we make. So why not integrate it into our homes too?

Now, imagine yourself cooking while asking a robot to play your favorite song. Or imagine going to the supermarket and asking your fridge to send you pictures from inside to see what groceries you must buy. Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore thanks to the development of technology, nettskyløsninger, and systemutvikling.

Ove the last decade, smart home systems achieved great popularity as they don’t only bring more convenience to our homes but they can also improve our quality of life. Most of those smart home devices are controlled by smartphones and microcontrollers.

Smart homes and the Internet of Things

Internet of Things represents the umbrella term used for all technologies that enable the connection of a device to the Internet. Simply put, it is the system that collects, controls, and transfers information from a device to another via the Internet. For example, a smart kettle can be programmed to automatically turn off once the liquid inside it reaches a certain temperature. Or, it can even send a notification about it to you on your device such as your smartphone.

Now, apply the same concept to your entire house and imagine how many things the furniture, elektronikkproduksjon, and tools you have inside your house can do if they were controlled by IoT. Today, most smart home automation devices can be controlled via an app from your smartphone or via voice commands. In the future, we will most likely won’t even have to take any actions to control them as they will automatically do what they are set to do.

Now, let’s see some possible scenarios in which you can use IoT to modernize your home.

Smart lighting

Today, smart lighting devices can make the lighting inside your home turn off or on when you set it to and they can also change its intensity depending on your preferences. In the future, lighting can evolve and take even more actions thanks to the IoT. For example, they can turn off or change their intensity whenever you start watching a movie.


Smart lock doors are already pretty popular these days because they enhance protection and are much more convenient. Today, smart locks allow you to unlock your door with a fingerprint scan, a mobile app, a voice command or a keypad.

In the future, they might even be able to take other certain actions in tandem such as turning on the lights as you enter the home or turning them off as you leave.

Smart devices for home routines

Many of the smart home devices can already be connected to your smartphone to be programmed to take certain actions based on your everyday routines. For example, smart alarms can play music when you wake up or even tell you the news. But going further, in the future, your coffee may be ready by the time you wake up and the water heated for your morning shower.

IoT and home automation are already gaining momentum in today’s digitalized world. And, the way things are going, this market will only continue to evolve more in the future.