Is taking notes in class so important?

March 26, 2019/ Family/ 0 comments

College can often seem challenging, considering how much information you are getting, how many courses you have to attend and the number of tests and exams you need to take. One of the things you will need to start getting used to is taking notes during your lectures. This may not be as easy as expected, because some professors might be sharing too many details during a short period of time, making it a bit difficult for you to keep up. However, perfecting your skills in this department, and prioritizing a note-taking habit can bring you the following advantages:

Improving focus and promoting active learning

Bing determined to take great notes during class will also push you into becoming more observant and paying attention to detail. When you want to get on paper all the important information presented, you will inevitably improve your active learning skills, get more involved in class and boost your productivity.

Access to adequate learning material

Before each one of your final exams, knowing you have all the learning resources you need to revise what was thought in class will give you peace of mind and help you obtain the academic results you are targeting. Effective note-taking ensures proper exam performance.

Get paid to take notes

After a bit of research, you will discover that you can actually become a paid note taker. If you think you are good at note-taking and your materials are actually of high quality, there are companies willing to pay you for your abilities. A part-time position at the right at an educational platform that focuses on crowdsourced college content, such as OneClass, can help you out financially, allowing you to gain a bit of money without having to take on a full time job that might not fit into your schedule. Besides improving your learning, note-taking can also bring you some cash, which is always a big plus.

While the primary and most important reason to start taking notes during all of your lectures is of course to get better study materials and become more efficient in terms of active learning, you can also get some financial benefits out it. Once you master skills in this department, you will quickly realize how much this new approach has helped you from various points of view. Try out different note-taking techniques until you discover what works best for you, and make the most out of the time spent in class by staying on top of this task.