Making your home more welcoming – Simple tricks and tips

August 9, 2017/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Decorating a home so it seems more appealing is nowadays the main goal of many families. A home in which all friends will feel like in their homes, and which also has some of the family’s character and personality. For accomplishing it, adding some great art pieces is necessary. However, investing enormous amounts of money might be a bit extreme. Therefore, finding affordable pieces is mandatory. A great tip to add a more appeal to your home and to make it look classier and more welcoming is to integrate skull wall art, as unexpected as it might sound. It will create a great look to a boring room and it will make it look impressing. However, below you will find some amazing tips and tricks for making your home more welcoming.

1. Start with your entrance

If you want to make your home to look more welcoming, a great tip is to start with your entrance. Arrange some pots of flowers on a high and narrow table. Choose a great washable carpet and place a nice key hanger by your door. These all will make your house become a home and you will certainly experience a feeling of relief with this arrangement. Make sure to create the necessary space for storing some pairs of shoes or comfy slippers. This will certainly contribute to the feeling of cosiness. Your entrance is the main channel to express what a welcoming family you are.

2. Improve the lighting in your home

Another great tip you could use to make your home more welcoming is to improve the mood lighting in the house. Moos lighting is not exclusively for romance, it can create a cosier feeling in a home. Dim light will certainly help you to accomplish this look; only make sure to pick warm-light light bulbs. Invest in adjustable lighting systems, they work wonders and they are also useful.  

3. Integrate wall art pieces

Plain walls certainly won’t help you to replicate a highly comfortable feeling in your house. On the other hand, adding some wall art certainly will. Make sure to consider some pieces from great designers such as Anna Marrow or Jessie Breakwell. Search online stores and see what pieces please you. Choose them so they create a great contrast with the colour of your walls. Search for pieces that play successfully with different textures and patterns. Skull pieces can be easily integrated into your otherwise dull rooms since they create a great visual impact and add more drama, without being overwhelming. Make sure to analyse your options well. They must have a great quality for looking great; otherwise they won’t contribute much to creating a cosiness feeling.

These are some of the easiest and affordable tips and tricks one could use for making their homes more welcoming. Make sure to follow them and invest in qualitative pieces for your room. They will have a greater impact than mediocre pieces.