Modern Garden Design Ideas

January 5, 2016/ Design/ 0 comments

Modernism is the embodiment of simplicity and elegance resulting from combining simple yet effective items that capture the eye without being too opulent. Although it’s a luxurious style, the modern design is perfect for a garden’s landscape because it manages to create relaxing and stylish areas without cluttering the garden. If this garden design sound tempting, here are some modern garden ideas to inspire from.

    • For a soothing and relaxing place, opt for a garden design based on natural materials combined with a wide range of greenery. Cover your entire patio in wood and install a pergola to keep you protected from sun or rain. A few colorful pillows, a large table in the middle so you can enjoy an outdoor meal and plenty of flowers to add life and texture to your modern garden and you will not need any other accessories.
    • Create an intimate spot in your garden using details of the modern design like the white stone platform or the sun lounges with futuristic shapes. Add a few perfectly trimmed shrubs in large white pots placed on a gravel alley and your modern garden design is ready.
    • In order to create an isolated relaxation area, opt for a corner sofa in a combination of metallic frame and large and comfy pillows. To keep the same corner patterns, build a stone wall behind the sofa and plant hedge in the middle of the garden in an L-shape surrounded by the shiny stone platform. Add a metallic coffee table, an interestingly shaped umbrella and fill the place with plants and trees.
    • In the middle of your perfectly trimmed bushes, hedges, and trees, place two modern chairs with a minimalist design for times when you want to sit and enjoy the view. A water feature in the near area will increase the feeling of comfort and will be the perfect addition to your modern garden design.
    • A white patio is a great choice for a modern garden because white resembles elegance and sophistication, which are attributes of the modern style. This corner patio includes a bench integrated to the wall, a ceiling to protect against weather and a grill area for family barbecues.
  • A modern garden implies low maintenance so you should keep that in mind and opt for a lawn that is very easy to care for. For an effortless lawn maintenance, invest in one of the best rated lawn mowers. You can choose between gas powered and electric lawn mowers. If you for for electric mowers, you should know that the robotic models are among the best rated lawn mowers of the moment. They are a great way of having a perfect lawn, without putting any effort into it. For an added touch of modern style, consider a raised concrete block along the back wall of your garden, which will be the perfect spot for all your favorite plants to grow without creating a mess.