Modern Vanity Table Design Ideas

March 10, 2015/ Design/ 0 comments

All women should have a vanity table in their bedrooms, in order to store all the stuff they actually need in order to make themselves look pretty. There are plenty of models you should go for, but depending on your exact needs and the space you have, you can go for a type or another. You can get your inspiration from the following modern vanity table design ideas.

Choose luxury

If your bedroom is a luxurious one, then you definitely need to go for a luxurious vanity table as well. As you can see in this photo, this model is without a doubt perfect for you. Go for a similar one, that will add an elegant touch to the whole room. This crystal mirror is absolutely amazing, and you will certainly fall in love with it. You can easily store all your stuff in those two drawers, but if you have lots of items, then this is not the right product for you.

Go for the minimalist style

Nowadays, the minimalist style is one of the most popular design styles, due to the fact that it looks very nice and it is perfect for small interiors. Therefore, in case you have a small bedroom, but still want to get a vanity table, you can go for one in this style. If you do not understand exactly this style, then you can get your inspiration from this photo. As you can see, the mirror and the shelf are placed on the wall, which is actually a fantastic space-saver idea. Take into account this clever solution, in order to have your own personal space where you can put some makeup on or arrange your hair.

Opt for a stylish vanity table

If you are looking for some modern vanity table design ideas, then this model is exactly what you need, in order to add a stylish touch to the entire room. This wonderful work of art looks absolutely stunning. With such a vanity table, you will definitely feel like a queen. It has plenty of drawers so that you can store all your things such as makeup stuff and hair brushes. Furthermore, there is enough place for storing your hair dryer and your flat iron, which you certainly use very often, as well. The chair looks and is very comfortable, and you will be able to relax while you arrange your hair or put some makeup on. All in all, this is a modern vanity table that will not only be very useful, but it will also make the room look very nice.