Organizing Tips for a Small Kitchen

August 13, 2015/ Decorating Tips & Tricks, Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

The kitchen is that part of the house that requires the most furniture and the most appliances for an increased comfort. Sometimes, this could be an issue because some kitchens are so small that they don’t fit everything you would want and need. With a little care and attention to details, you can manage to turn a small kitchen into a comfortable and practical space. How is that, you ask? Using the organizing tips below.

Make good use of wall space

When you design your kitchen, most of the items chosen will be furniture that will take floor space so you will have to figure out a way to capitalize the wall space you will have left. Opt for wall shelves and hangers that will allow you to store items above the furniture in such way that everything you need will be kept in sight.

Choose compact appliances

Most of the space in your kitchen is taken by the appliances you choose so compact versions can help you save a lot of space without giving up to any important item to might need. Luckily for homeowners with small kitchens, most manufacturers offer compact versions that are as efficient and convenient as the larger ones. You can enjoy the comfort of a microwave oven if you choose an over the range model or a compact counter version and you can make room for a larger refrigerator if you choose a drawer dishwasher. Go to to see which are the most efficient and affordable over the range microwave ovens.
The dishwasher is one of the largest appliances in the kitchen which is why people often give up buying one thinking they will not have enough space for it. Choosing a narrower unit such as the SPT SD-9252SS that is one of the BestDishwasher.Reviews top picks will offer the same convenience while taking less space. This model is 17.5″ wide, mush smaller compared to regular models that measure around 24″ in width. Compact units like the SPT SD-9252SS could be your best solution to enjoy having a dishwasher even if your kitchen is very small.

Save counter space

However, there are still many appliances that need to be stored on the counter, which means you will still have troubles making room for all of them. The secret is a good organization that will allow you to store all the kitchen appliances you need. Save the counter for those that you use on a daily basis like the toaster, the coffee maker, and the food processor, and store the other ones in the cabinets or in a separate closet. This way, you will have plenty of room for the necessary items while having everything else within reach.

Clean your pantry

Sometimes, you tend to store a lot of foods and ingredients that you rarely need and you even forget that you have something and go to the store and buy some more. This leads to a crowded kitchen filled with unnecessary items in the pantry and in the refrigerator as well. To avoid this, keep your pantry very neat and avoid buying too much food that you will end up throwing.