Still trying to figure out what material to use for your home remodel? Try microcement

September 23, 2020/ Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

Choosing the right material is an important part, if not the most important one, of the home remodeling project. What you use needs to last for decades or even a lifetime, if you are focusing on durability and quality. Here is a suggestion: use microcement. It is a decorative, composite coating that is based on cement, additives, water-based resins, and mineral pigments. Microcement is the solution to all your problems when you are sprucing up the home. It can be used for tabletops, ceilings, and so on. Not only is microcement appealing to the eye, but also it can save you a great deal of cash.

How to use microcement in your home

No matter if you are planning to breathe in new life into the walls or remodel the floors, Microsement will come in handy. It will enable you to create a one-of-a-kind style for your home. Microcement is a fabulous choice for:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Kitchens

Owing to the advancements in technology, microcement is now available in many colors, so you do not have to settle for grey. If you are aiming for an industrial look, opt for black or darker greys. However, if you want a calm, relaxing ambiance, use soft pastel shades. Maybe you are not a fan of mint-green. No problem. There are plenty of shades of light blue to choose from. You can combine this coating with other materials, just so you know. It works perfectly with wooden chairs and tables.

What are the main advantages of using microcement?             

There are many advantages to using microcement over traditional materials, such as Heller. It does not require compaction, which means that you do not have to use heavy machinery. Apply the microcement in two coats with the help of a steel towel. The mixing proportions must be respected, obviously. Due to its low permeability, this material can be successfully used inside and outside. It bonds well to almost every surface and it will not shrink upon being applied.

Microcement does not require layering skills, so get to work

So, you have started to pay more attention to interior design, decorations, the quality of the materials, and so forth. But you do not know how to decorate in a stylish way without breaking the bank. Microcement is an exciting and flexible solution, just like Kantstein. It is not like conventional concrete in the sense that you do not need special skills to apply the material. Get someone to help you and get started. To create a uniform, aesthetic look, it is recommended to apply the microcement quickly and efficiently. And let it enough time to dry.

To sum up, it is important to plan your purchases early to minimize costs and delays. If you would like to bring a new aesthetic to your home, microcement is the answer. It is an excellent material for remodeling, so make sure to include it on your checklist. Do not hold off on important purchases.