Tips & Tricks to Turn a House Into a Home

March 27, 2018/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Every time we move homes, there are a few first weeks in which we need to adjust to the new living environment, the new house, to living in a new place, mainly. But, there are certain interventions that will make it possible to adjust in a much easier fashion and to decrease considerably the necessary time for this. From a roof replacement, to some simple and affordable design interventions, we have these all detailed below.

Replace your roof

You may not be “feeling” your new home yet, and in most of the cases this happens because the existing roof is off-putting, not to mention the fact that it may have some structural issues at the same time. If you collaborate with a truly professional team, the whole process will be a short one, and you’ll be able to enjoy a perfect roof at the end of the journey. The experts at A to Z Contracting claim that roof interventions are those investments that have the potential to save your property’s structural integrity in the long run and will give your house a whole new appearance. For someone who has a difficult time to adjust to a new home, this might promote and sustain the process more successfully than other interventions. Starting in a house by bringing something new to it yourself will offer you a feeling of ownership.

Make a priority out of your children’s rooms

If you want to have an instant home-like vibe, it would be ideal if you’d set up your children’s room first. By doing so, they are more likely to accommodate and “feel like home” faster and will offer you a sense of stability, while creating a centre for your new universe. No matter how tempted you’ll be to work on the living room first, setting up your children’s room first instead, will give you a more comfortable home-like feeling. You will also have your peace of mind by knowing that your children have all their necessities at a few steps away and aren’t deprived of anything important.

Familiar sounds or views help

A familiar sound may do wonders if you want to transition easier to living in a new house and will recreate that home-like feeling with ease. A clock that constantly ticks, the sound of the radio on the same frequency you were listening before moving houses, these all will contribute to creating a feeling of cosiness and belonging to the new space. Also, wall art that was previously hanged throughout your rooms will also create the same feeling and will help your entire family to adjust easier to the new context. 

These three simple strategies will help you adjust better when switching houses and will decrease the interval during which your family has the sensation that they don’t belong there. Simple as these strategies may be, they work amazingly and have been tested and approved by home designers and homeowners with a habit of moving places.