Unique Halloween Home Decor Ideas

October 3, 2015/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

Halloween gives us the opportunity to plan special parties using specific handmade decorations. Moreover, you can transform both the house and the garden into a place of terror. If you want to decorate a haunted house, here you will find some unique Halloween home decor ideas that the adults and kids will love.

The Halloween pumpkin

Everyone knows that a pumpkin is an eye-catcher when we are talking about Halloween decorations. You can turn it into an outdoor lamp just by using a few items such as a pumpkin, a knife, and a candle. You can start by cutting the pumpkin on the top. The hole should be big enough because you must scrape it inside. Now, you can carve the pumpkin, making the eyes, mouth, and nose. Place a candle inside, and you will have a nice lantern.

Dancing ghosts

Halloween is the night of the ghosts, so having a ghost in your home is ”a must have”. Create an illuminated ghost garland and you will create an amazing atmosphere in your home. You can create a nice design for your garden with creepy ghosts using a few balls, four wooden dowels or more if you want many ghosts, a white tablecloth, scissors and a hot glue gun. Firstly, you should stick the wooden dowels into the ground and use the glue gun for securing the ball on top of it. Cover the balls with the white tablecloths. If it’s necessary, use the scissors to fix them. You can tie the tablecloth’s corners, and you will create a circle with four ghosts which are dancing.

The wall of spiders

Your guests will be very scared when they will see into your home a wall (full with a spider covered with a huge spider web. Many people use this trick to create a creepy ambiance into their home. You can use spiders in different ways if you want to scare your friends. Try to stick plenty of black spiders on an empty wall from your house, or you can create a spider web using rope and tape.

Bloody Handprint

You can decorate your home with bloody handprint clings. You can buy this handprint or you can do it yourself. All you need is some glue and red color. It’s recommended to place them on a smooth surface. Besides the handprint, you can stick some silhouettes on the windows featuring bats, with spooky pumpkins or witches. This is a very creepy idea.