Use printed T-shits to personalize your look

October 24, 2016/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

We all want to differ from the masses and our attempts to personalize our look are endless. Accessories, vintage clothing items, shoes of different styles, they all are a big part of our personal style and endless tries to be different. Maybe the easiest way to accomplish a unique look is to have your clothing items individualized with corky messages and prints. If you live in Canada, you can easily find custom t-shirts Toronto based services, and they will certainly please you taste for different designs.  The good part about this type of services is that you can come to the concept and let others handle the manufacturing process. However, below are some ideas on how you can use customized T-shirts to impress.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If you choose to customize your tees with a picture of your favourite travel destination, movie or band, you are already winning style wise in front of the masses with plain blouses. Not only a plain tee does not say much about someone’s personality, it is also boring. If you are looking to strongly express yourself and your preferences, you might want to personalize a T-shirt and style it in a variety of ways. Customize a loose tee with your favourite band and wear it with a pair of boots, a leather jacket and a pair of black jeans. Style your hair in an effortless way and see how your confidence is boosting. You can notice this is a unisex look. It will complement both women and men searching for their own personal style.

Witty messages are always a great choice

Whether it is a puntastic pun or a smart quote, you will certainly steal some jealous looks when you step out your house with a clothing item of this type. If you are a woman and you need to know how you can style such a tee, our advice would be to go for a red maxi skirt during summer and a pair of jeans, high-heel boots and a motor jacket in the colder seasons. As a man, the possibilities are endless. You could wear such an item in a casual-smart way, with a pair of jeans and a formal jacket, or you can choose to be a bad boy and wear it with a leather jacket. Those pieces are versatile and they are a fool-proof way of creating individualized designs.

A smart way of dressing children

If you thought only adults could benefit from this type of clothing items to make their looks unique, you could not be more wrong. Children also enjoy having their clothes personalized with their favourite cartoons and characters. Therefore, in order to have a happy child, you might want to consider printing some tees form them, too.

Style wise, personalized tees are so versatile and easy to pair. They go perfectly with skirts, jeans, boots, leather jackets or ones that are more formal. You can easily pair them with cardigans and leggings and always look amazing.