Why foam spray insulation in the best for your home

August 25, 2016/ Practical Improvements/ 0 comments

Also known as “polyurethane foam”, spray foam insulation is a fast and easy to use type of insulation. Nevertheless, this type of home insulation is credited for its high levels of thermic efficiency because of its properties to mold by the form of the walls and fill even fine cracks. It can be efficiently used inside of walls and attics. Because of its capacity to hermetically fill gaps and line cracks it can also be used efficiently to seal around window frames and door frames. Many companies like http://www.gni.ca/ are specialized in providing spray foam insulation services. Below are some reasons you might want to consider when deciding to insulate your house with spray foam.

1. Decreases energy bills

Although the initial investment might be a little pricy, it pays back fast. Studies have shown that spray foam insulation can cut up to 50% off the bills with energy, while saving with other insulating materials like fiberglass will be 30% at most. Because of the fact that it creates an airtight environment, no thermal leakage will occur. Heat needs air to migrate, so in a hermetic house the temperature will remain constant for a longer time. Furthermore, spray foam insulation is a long-term investment. The foam will not deteriorate over time and no maintenance costs will ever appear.

2. Foam spray (spray foam insulation) will create an effective barrier against humidity

Some ways for water to infiltrate into your home are cracks and other imperfections of the walls. Having great impermeable qualities, foam spray will prevent water to infiltrate into your home. Humidity and temperature fluctuations favor mold to form. Furthermore, its components prevent mold from forming, due to the fact that has no organic element that can feed it. Respiratory problems are one of the effects of mold, as well as allergies.

3. It is eco-friendly

Being designed to last a lifetime with zero maintenance expenses, the fact that increases drastically the energetic efficiency of houses are some reasons spray foam insulation is an eco-friendly material. A big decrease of the electricity consumption in the cold seasons as well as the hot ones is the main reason. Do not forget that your house needs a good insulation even in the summertime, in order to prevent heat to enter your house. So instead of spending a big amount of money with an air conditioning system, we advise you to invest in a foam spray insulating one.

4. It is a better sound insulator than fiberglass

Due to the fact that it has a higher density than the fiberglass, it has good properties when it comes to sound insulation. Considering you are going to seal around the window frames and door frames with spray foam, it will create a quieter environment for you to live in and add more privacy to your house.

Here are some reasons we believe spray foam insulation is better than the other options available on the market. If you are not sure it is the best solution for you, we advise you to do some research and decide.