Zen Bathroom Decors

March 3, 2016/ Decorating Tips & Tricks/ 0 comments

There is no other decor that compares to the Zen decor when you’re searching for something relaxing that can make your stress melt away. For you to be able to enjoy the perfect relaxation when you take a bath, turn your old classic bathroom into a Zen bathroom. In case this decor interests you, read the following lines to learn more about Zen bathroom decors.

Use a peaceful combination of colors

For the Zen bathroom, you should go with a mixture of white and black like it’s shown in the picture above, or you can go with a more playful combination of green and white. No matter which combination of colors you use, these two choices ensure that you will have peace of mind whenever you’re in the bathroom. A hot and long bath in this decor will surely make you feel more at peace and comfortable. Also, they give a much needed clean and soothing aspect to the bathroom.

Create a view

A Zen bathroom must have a spectacular view as well. If you have a great view outdoors, place the bathtub in front of a large window. When you take a bath, you will get to enjoy the beautiful view. This will certainly make the time spent taking the bath more pleasurable, and you will feel more peaceful as well. Also, don’t forget to add as many mirrors as you want. Beside the mandatory mirror above the sink, you can place a large mirror facing the bathtub as well. Windows and mirrors are a big part of any Zen decor. Therefore, don’t skip on them.

Install the Radiant Saunas BSA2409 infrared home sauna

A Zen bathroom isn’t complete until you install a sauna in it. In the sauna, you can relieve the stress that is overwhelming you, and you can eliminate the toxins that reside in your body as well. After all, the Zen decor is characterized by relaxation, and there’s nothing more relaxing than a sauna session. The best choice to go with is the Radiant Saunas BSA2409 infrared home sauna. You can purchase this model for the reasonable price of $1650. It’s designed for 2 persons. Therefore, you and your significant other can use it together. The 6 carbon heaters of this unit are strategically placed to provide 1725W of heat. It operates up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the fact that it’s an infrared home sauna, it focuses on heating your body directly instead of heating the air in the sauna. It’s made out of solid Hemlock wood, a fact that ensures this model is a long-term investment. Also, the EZ-touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels make it easy for you to operate the infrared home sauna. To learn more about this sauna, read the Radiant sauna review on bestsauna.reviews, where you can also find reviews of similar saunas, so that you can compare them and see for yourself that the Radiant sauna is the best choice.

Don’t forget about plants

Last but not least, when you create a Zen bathroom you have to place as many plants as space allows it. But make sure that you don’t overcrowd the bathroom with them because a Zen space is characterized by a natural flow. Therefore, you have to avoid clutter. Place your favorite plants in containers in the corners of the bathroom. Also, you can put 1-2 small plants or flowers on the counters of the sink, or the shelves that you have around the bathroom. They will add to the decor of the room, and they will provide with clean air to breathe as well.